It’s Hip to Chip – Why You Should Microchip Your Pet
October 19, 2017

My Pet is Lost, Now What?

Let’s face it, losing your pet can be a horrific experience. Whether they slipped out through an open gate, got off the leash during a walk, or just decided to be adventurous and wander off at the park, it’s not something we as pet owners want to go through.

The good news is that according to a study by the Huffington Post, 93 percent of dogs and 75 percent of cats reported lost are returned safely to their homes.

So what should I do if I lose my pet?

  1. Don’t panic!
    Often times we think the worst has happened and it’s our first instinct is to hop in our vehicle and speed around looking for our lost pet. Erratic driving in panic mode puts you and others at risk. As stated above, the odds of your pet returning home safely are in your favor, especially if they have been micro-chipped and are wearing the proper identification tags. Be calm!
  2. Get the word out
    Alert your neighbors and friends in the surrounding area to keep an eye out for your lost pet, then logon to our website and create an alert. In a matter of minutes we’ll put out a targeted alert for your lost pet. Between our partners, volunteers, national database access, and targeted social media reach, Cuddles United can reach over 250 million Americans and businesses, and filter your alert by geographic area.
  3. 3: Start looking
    Assemble a team of neighbors and friends together and start canvassing the area your pet was last seen. Usually, most pets will not wander too far if they escaped from your home. If you were on location and the pet escaped, return to the spot it was last seen and begin to survey the area. Posting signs with a photo of your pet in common areas with a photo and phone number to call can also help!
  4.  Keep looking
    Don’t give up. If you haven’t found your pet right away, continue the search and we’ll be in close contact with you every step of the way with updates. There have been plenty of cases where lost pets have been found weeks, months, and sometimes years later.

In closing, we hope you never have to use our service. Losing a pet is no fun. But with our extensive network and use of cutting edge technology, you can rest assured that you have a trusted and proven resource at your fingertips for finding your lost or missing pet.

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