Lost Dog Flyers & Lost Cat Flyers

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October 7, 2019

Lost Dog Flyers & Lost Cat Flyers

If you’ve lost your dog or cat hopefully you’ve had some time to print out a few flyers or posters to put around your neighborhood. When making a lost dog or lost cat flyer or poster it’s important for your flyer to be eye-catching and get your point across. The proper information should be easily readable from far distances. You can create your own eye-catching flyer at www.pet.cuddlesunited.com. If you are having trouble printing the flyers, FedEx Kinkos, local libraries and other places will have cheap printing options.

Here are some of Cuddles United’s best tips on where to put your lost dog or lost cat flyer. 

-Post flyer’s near schools! Hundreds, if not thousands of kids walk to and from school every day. Aside from genuinely being excited to find things, it’s something to do on that usually boring walk home. 

-Put flyers around shelters and vets. If they won’t allow you to put them inside, outside could be equally as effective to spread awareness for employees, customers, and other community members. 

-Alert the mailman! It’s literally their job to walk around the neighborhood. Leave a note at your door for them along with a copy of their flyer.

-Give flyers to policemen. Even if you’ve filed a report or not, cops may not be aware of a lost pet and its literally their job to roam the streets. Also, try giving it to your local department’s front desk and post a few outside the station itself. 

-Put some on your car! It may sound and look goofy, but it’s a free advertisement that will 100% get people’s attention on the road.

We understand first hand how stressful and hard this time might be for you, but it’s important to keep hope and optimism. If you or someone you know think their dog is stolen, please sign up on our website at www.CuddlesUnited.com. We have partnerships with thousands of shelters and vets throughout the country. We also offer digital amber alerts, around the clock shelter monitoring, lost pet Facebook ads and neighborhood phone calls. Our volunteers also give free consultation via email or on the phone.

Email us at support@cuddlesunited.com or call us at 234-PET-FIND. 

Be sure to also like us on Facebook to help support finding lost pets!

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