Of course not, unfortunately no one can guarantee that. However we do guarantee that we’ll do everything in our power to raise as much awareness for your lost pet as humanly possible. The more people we’re able to notify about your lost pet, the higher the chances of recovery 🙂

Many parts of our service are now automated, so most of your alert is issued instantly. Your Facebook alert, pet board posting, custom flyer, and network outreach are all done automatically. Everything else is done by hand and usually started within an hour or so. If you’re issuing a calling blitz, the first round will be complete withing 24 hours.

Our amazing computer engineer, Alexander, has coded what might be the greatest technological advancement of our lifetime (well, besides self driving cars). His program is constantly monitoring public animal shelter databases and other corners of the internet for potential record’s that may match your pet. So if the system finds any matches, you’ll know right away.

Lost Pet Boards are a modern, easy but time consuming form of looking for missing pets. There are many online boards that put your lost pets information in a database to help get word out. What Cuddles United is able to do with automated systems is put your pets informtation into tens of these databases quickly and efficiently within minutes of receiving your business.

Cuddles United is currently servicing the United States.

Nope, we don’t use any phone call robots or recordings. We utilize contractors from local dog walking companies to make phone call alerts on your pets behalf. Because of this, we often make fewer phone calls than some of the automated services out there, but we found that personal phone calls are much more effective.

Our base plan is absolutely free 🙂 The free plan includes an assigned Cuddles United representative who can help assist you in your search by answering any questions you may have or by providing moral support if needed. It also includes a Facebook post, custom flyer, and some network outreach.

We also have a handful of premium plans available, they help raise even more awareness for your lost pet in addition to helping support our organization. Unfortunately not all plans are the same as it varies based on your location. If you’re interested in seeing the paid plans in your area you can issue a free alert and you’ll be able to view them. Or you can just email us for the plans available in your specific area. We don’t send marketing emails of any kind and we’ll never ask you to upgrade a plan, nor do we share your email with anyone, so if you’re worried about that you’re safe!

Because we only hire superheros, duh.