June 27, 2019
August 29, 2019


Over 2 million dogs and cats are stolen in the United States every year. The American Kennel Club reports that stolen dogs are up 31% from years passed. A thief has many reasons for potentially stealing a dog, whether they want to sell your dog for cash, seek reward money or are involved in a fighting ring. However, the reason doesn’t really matter, the bottom line is that your dog is lost and scared. Here is Cuddles United tips for what to do if you believe your dog is stolen.

Our Tips to Find a Stolen Dog

-First and foremost, contact your local police whether or not you think your dog is stolen. This can only help and many local police departments might take action if there is a theft reported.

Contact all vets in your area. If someone did steal your dog, at some point they have to take your dog to a vet. 

Contact all vets in surrounding neighborhoods and towns. It’s likely the thief doesn’t live in your neighborhood, so we recommend alerting all vets within a 50 miles. We’ve had quite a few clients have their dogs returned to them months later when a vet employee recognizes a “new” dog that they’ve seen a flyer of. We’ve come across instances where this has happened up to 100 miles away. Our team does offer vet, groomer, shelter and pet business alerts for up to 100 miles away, many of which are partnered with us.

-If you do choose to post a reward, we recommend to not specify how much it is. This will incentivize anyone who might have your dog to contact you first.

POST FLYERS as far as you are willing to. Any competent thief will not live in your neighborhood, but if you can blanket an alert to nearby towns/ neighborhoods it is likely someone will see that shady neighbor with a new dog and give you a call. Our service can alert neighbors via Facebook and Instagram for whatever radius you feel necessary. 

Get Help

We understand first hand how stressful and hard this time might be for you, but it’s important to keep hope and optimism. If you or someone you know think their dog is stolen, please sign up on our website at www.CuddlesUnited.com. We have partnerships with thousands of shelters and vets throughout the country. We also offer digital amber alerts, around the clock shelter monitoring, lost pet Facebook ads and neighborhood phone calls. Our volunteers also give free consultation via email or on the phone.

Email us at support@cuddlesunited.com or call us at 234-PET-FIND. 

Be sure to also like us on Facebook to help support finding lost pets!

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