Lost Pet Recovery

About Us

Cuddles United is the most effective lost dog and lost cat recovery service in the world. Our growing network of millions of pet businesses and organizations is the largest pet business recovery network in the world. Using Fortune 500 marketing tools to help locate lost pets, our personal DNC exempt phone calls, sponsored Facebook Ads to your neighbors and local shelter monitoring software demonstrates our success and relationships within your community. Whether your pet wandered out of the backyard or has been unexpectedly taken, Cuddles United provides the most effective and time saving service for reuniting you and your family with your furry friend. Our team prides ourselves with top notch customer service and most importantly, finding lost dogs and cats. Let us help you find your lost pet!


Customer Testimonials

“Can’t say thank you enough for your expertise and support in these unusually stressful circumstances.”


Marcelle T.
Tiburon, CA